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LIFE IN CHINA: My Story ReviewAuthor Jean Life demonstrates her uncanny ability to play on words from the very moment your eyes lock on to the title of her book, "Life In China." In just a few short paragraphs, the reader is transported to the other side of the world where "Life" is literally transformed as she adjusts to her new home in the Orient. Her story describes the fascinating adventure she and her husband, Ralph, embark on after Ralph's employer asks him to act as the general manager of a joint venture project in the Henan Province. From uncomfortable stares and harrowing taxi cab rides, Life's story illustrates the patterns and rhythms of China and the rural city of Nanyang, where she is the first American woman to live in and work. Her intimate, firsthand analysis of Chinese culture moves from a tone first wrought with bewilderment to one of heartfelt compassion for a country with many philosophical differences separating it from the United States. Readers should take comfort in knowing that Life's story challenges the human spirit to balance both good and bad in a country where freedoms are certainly not the mainstay. From adapting to Moutai, China's "rocket fuel" equivalent of a strong elixir, to her alluring excursions in the countryside, "Life in China" evokes emotions including laughter and sympathy. Modern writers often chronicle their travels abroad, but few can truly describe what it is like to live in another country. Indeed, the success of many travel books depends largely on creating a convincing illusion. In "Life In China," there are no illusions. Rather, Jean Life teaches us the human aspect of living in China. The author clearly demonstrates that China's truths and fragility can't be wholly understood by colorful tourist attractions. Rather, its most remarkable gems are the untold secrets deep in the geography of its heart. It is in this context where the less privileged, less well positioned, and less fortunate are given a sense of greater self worth simply because an unknown, yet compassionate Westerner took the time to listen to "their" stories.LIFE IN CHINA: My Story Overview

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