China's Nuclear Weapons Strategy: Tradition Within Evolution Review

China's Nuclear Weapons Strategy: Tradition Within Evolution
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China's Nuclear Weapons Strategy: Tradition Within Evolution ReviewThis is a study based on the author's Ph.D. dissertation at Georgetown University on international politics. His point of view was new and very different than most of the "western" Chinese political/military strategy researchers/scholars. The author digged into the root of the Communist Chinese military/political philosophy back to two thousand-year old Suntze's strategical philosophy on misleading enemies with ambiguity and sometimes purposely showing one is not strong to avoid attack from its enemy for it's own safety, or only fight a war after thorough calculation of all the risks and well prepared for the fight. The best strategy, according to Suntze two thousand years ago, is to win a war without the fight or destroy enemy's cities with high casualties. In that sense, the Communist China would put in more effort to develop its defensive strength and very unlikely to employ its primitive atomic weapons for offensive usage without very carefully analyzing the situation and the consequences. Although the determination and fast progress of their weaponry should not be treated lightly. This author earned degrees on Geology and MBA in addition to Politcal Science. That broad background of knowledge base helped him to write this book with wide geographical and economical global view on strategy and history. This author was the first scholar who predicted what Communist China would do to press Taiwan for unification by using missle exercise into/over Taiwan's territoy as early as 1991. Which turned out to be a real crisis in spring 1996, when China launched missles at Taiwan Strait that shocked the world and which almost led to the direct confrontation between China and U.S. The bibliograph list is very long and many books/papers's titles were listed with both Chinese characters and English translation or spelling equivalents. The book is hard to find, but you can still locate them in some university bookstores. After the publication of the book, the author had taught Chinese Military Strategy courses at Georgetown Univesity and Pentagon training courses. He is currently teaching at Sun Yi-Sen University in Taiwan as Director of Internation Political Science Research Center and serving for the goverment as Deputy Chairman of Mainland Affairs. I have heard he is preparing an updated version and there is a Chinese translation version published in China in 1996.China's Nuclear Weapons Strategy: Tradition Within Evolution Overview

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