China: The Gathering Threat Review

China: The Gathering Threat
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China: The Gathering Threat ReviewExcellect and vital read for all, ESPECIALLY those sworn to defend the West in the fields of Intelligence, Security & Defense; and, those who serve in elected office or who make policy recommendations to same.
One critical element Dr. Menges - a most important dot of connection - misses, is that the strategic alliance between Russia and China is not something new nor has it been a natural outgrowth of geo-political events of the last 18 years. It was foretold and explained by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn in "New Lies for Old" and "The Perestroika Deception" more than 25 years ago. (Golitsyn was finally sacked by the Nixon administration because of his insistence that there never existed a real Sino-Soviet split - it was a deception all along to work a scissors strategy against the West. Their methods are standard dialectial fare in the world of deception.)
It is a major mistake to think that we can convince Russia to move toward the West and to sate China's ambitions via clever policy moves. The mask both countries wear were designed to make us believe these false notions. Part and parcel of Russia and China's long-range deception is to mislead the West into thinking these exact false notions are possible. While the West tries to pry these two threats apart, they become better positioned for their ultimate goal - the same as all history's would-be dominators.
The deception component of Russia and China MUST be at least considered in order to know how to respond to the threat. These are the issues spoken about for years amongst the few and found at this totally, non-commercial website: ("The final phase" is a term used by Golitsyn to describe the dangerous time we're in now.)
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