The Art of Warfare (Classics of Ancient China) Review

The Art of Warfare (Classics of Ancient China)
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The Art of Warfare (Classics of Ancient China) ReviewI haven't read or even so much as glanced at any other translations or publications of Sun-Tzu's Art of Warfare, and as far as I'm concerned I didn't need to. This edition is a wonderful translation, easily readable and understandable while remaining true to the Chinese. In fact, for verification purposes, the original text is contained opposite nearly every page.
The translator starts off with a very interesting introduction probably longer than the book itself; while a little boring at times, it was a very necessary addition. He explains to the reader the history of the various finds that have gone towards completing the text, the structure of the text, the historical background and anecdotes of Sun-Tzu, compares fundamental western beliefs and mindsets to eastern, and generally just analyzes this work and puts it into perspective for the reader.
As for Sun-Tzu's work itself -- it's great. If you read it carefully, you'll be surprised to not how much of this stuff you already know, how much is simply common sense -- but the format and presentation and conciseness of it is astounding. It presents the material in an accessible way that's understandable and readable. Also including here, alongside the initial 13 chapters, are all kinds of Art of Warfare fragments which have been unearthed, most of which are pretty interesting.
This book is a must read if you are at all interesting in war or the context thereof.The Art of Warfare (Classics of Ancient China) Overview

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