China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society Review

China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society
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China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society ReviewThis book is a good primer on China for those who are planning to go to China, those who have lived in China but haven't studied it in depth, and those who are simply curious about China's history, culture and present situation.
Yu and Doyle provide a useful overview of many topics crucial to understanding China and the Chinese, in portions sized for a casual reader. For example, in the book's religion section there are separate chapters on Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism and Christianity that are informative but not overwhelmingly detailed. For those whose interest is piqued by a particular topic, the end of each chapter has a list of recommended further reading.
As someone who has lived in China, I think Yu and Doyle have captured the essentials about China and its people well and presented them in a way that will help Westerners (especially Americans) understand and appreciate the history and culture of China.China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society Overview

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