The Case of the Firecrackers (Chinatown Mystery) Review

The Case of the Firecrackers (Chinatown Mystery)
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The Case of the Firecrackers (Chinatown Mystery) ReviewThe title of my book is The Case of the Firecrackers by Laurence Yep.
Lily, her great-aunt Tiger Lil, her brother Chris, Chris's girlfriend Evie, and 'Grandpa Eng' are enjoying a nice dinner when, suddenly, the phone rings. Lily, Evie, Chris, and Tiger Lil are on their way to meet handsome teen heartthrob, Clark Tom!
While visiting Clark, he asks the group if they wouldn't mind playing a small role in his next Chinatown movie. Of course, they all oblige and are quickly dressed and whisked away to the set. Norm, the director of the movie, had hired a gang member to play the murderer of Clark Tom. While the scene was rolling, the gang member got ready to shoot blanks. Bang! Instead of shooting blanks, he shot real bullets! Tempers began to flare, fuses ignited as the gang member is arrested and hauled away for the attempted murder of Clark Tom. But Tiger Lil doesn't think he's the one who exchanged the blanks for the real bullets. Auntie Tiger Lil and her crew follow a trail of firecrackers, gangs, bad food, and gambling to dead ends. How will they ever find the real culprit?
Overall, I give this book a 3 out of 5. The book uses great words and a climax that never seems to end. There is a similar book called Maude, but that story was about a witch trying to put a spell on a little girl. It related to The Case of the Firecrackers because they both used firecrackers, spells, and mysterious people in the plot to add suspense. Once you start to read this book, I guarantee you won't be able to put it down! Happy reading!The Case of the Firecrackers (Chinatown Mystery) Overview

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