China's Economic Transformation Review

China's Economic Transformation
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China's Economic Transformation ReviewThis book provides a good deal of moderately valuable information about the Chinese economy. It also has large sections of what seem like pieces of an ordinary introductory econ textbook, which will be tedious to anyone who has taken an econ course without being terribly valuable to those who haven't. The book appears fairly thorough and objective, but not very imaginative or insightful.
One point he makes that I found worth remembering is to point out the similarities between Chinese state ownership of enterprises with U.S. University ownership of companies created to commercialize their research. In both cases the owning institution has a mission very different from commerce, but often allows the enterprise to function as a business. Alas, he doesn't explore the incentive structures that make this often work in China but create monopoly-style inefficiencies when most other governments own businesses.China's Economic Transformation Overview

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