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China Confidential ReviewHaving served in the State Dept. in Shanghai from 1947 thru 1950
and in Taiwan for 15 years and elsewhere in Asia thru 1976 and
knowing most of those providing the oral histories for this book as well as many of the Chinese principals, I am appalled by the poor proofreading and editing which permited many, many factual inaccuracies to slip through. Also, many of the quoted oral statements are surprisingly superficial and fallacious. Therefore, this book makes very dangerous reading for today's Asian and China scholars since it purports to be the real inside
story straight from the horses mouths whereas its errors can only
generate incorrect history.
If the book is read with this caveat, it does provide very useful background insights for this most important part of 20th. Century experience as well as of the complexities nations face in developing and administering foreign policy. The book is well
laid out and gives a great amount of background information but
the reader should retain a healthy skepticism and draw his own
conclusions realizing that he is reading other's opinions, many
of them recollections of events and years long gone by.China Confidential Overview

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