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China Shakes the World Review'China Shakes The World' is a thoroughly engrossing look at China's economy and how it affects the rest of the world. Kynge's style is very fluid and easy to read and after only a few pages you are unable to stop reading. Due to living there for many years Kynge is able to infuse the various stories with personal insight and you get a good feel for many of the issues explored. Some parts of this book were pretty shocking and makes you realise just how exploited Chinese workers are. You are also left realising how interdependent the world is now and any prosperity or decline in China will have a massive impact worldwide. This book didn't have a happy ending (if you know what I mean), some political books I've read explore the issues, but finish saying how things may be turned around, but this book tended not to do that. Never-the-less, the journey to get to the end was so interesting sand insightful, I'll forgive the slightly sombre finish. Well worth a read for a deeper understanding of the Chinese economy. If you'd like to learn more about Chinese culture and society in general I recommend 'China Friend or Foe?' by Hugo de Burgh.
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