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The China Garden
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The China Garden ReviewClare Meredith and her mother move to a historical estate named Ravensmere, for the summer. Her mother will work as a private nurse for the Ravensmere's owner, Mr. Aylward. As Clare explores the town, Stoke Raven Village, she finds that everyone knows more than she sees. She soon meets Mark, the classic bad boy biker who enchants our heroine. Clare is determined to find out Ravensmere's true meaning and intention and what happened with her mother who reveals her tragic past linked with Ravensmere. She takes midnight walks to the abandoned China Garden and must figure out a way to unravel the mysteries of Ravensmere.
Liz Berry has amazing imagery in this book, the garden and the whole region of Ravensmere is beautifully depicated. She described a good 'Picture postcard England'. The mystery puzzle was always amusing to guess. The suspense was packed for the next piece of the puzzle. I loved trying to find the true meaning of the Bension, the true purpose of Ravensmere. The foreshadowing is laughable when you finish the book, making you wonder why you did not see it. Mark and Clare have a modern day romance. Mark's bad boy affect and his characterization makes almost any teenage girl lust for him. The simple incorporation of every and modern day fantasy is a wonderful touch to the alluring mystery. The pieces are woven brilliantly and this is what a Young Adult mystery should be.
A great Young Adult mystery, suspense, romance and fantasy novel. It captures you.The China Garden Overview

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