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Letter of Love from China
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Letter of Love from China ReviewWhen adopted children do not have access to a birthparent and the answers they are looking for, adoptive parents become the sole source of this information - and their child's perception of what it means to be placed for adoption. As a birthmother, with an agenda of spreading the word on the love that goes behind this decision, I was extremely pleased to receive a copy of Letters of Love from China by Bonnie Cuzzolino. In an effort to provide answers to her daughter, adopted from China, author Bonnie Cuzzolino brings us an endearing children's book written as through the voice of a birthmother who writes to answer her child's questions. Illustrator Jax Bennett brings the letter to life with beautiful pictures that share the birthmother's love of her child and her country. The book begins "To My Precious Daughter," and provides the story of the birthmother's thoughtful but difficult decision to place her child with another family through adoption. The love that drives this decision is undeniable. Then, the book goes on to tell the child a bit about the country they were born in, China. The descriptions and illustrations share the traditions and beauties of the country that anyone can appreciate. By following this format, the book not only lets the child know how much they are truly loved (by birth families and adoptive families), but shows a respect for their beginnings and the country where their life began. The book helps children to see their self-worth and be proud of ALL that makes them who they are. It is a beautiful resource for adoptive parents with children from China, and an inspiration for all adoptive parents on how to talk with their child about being adopted. I highly recommend Letters of Love from China, and commend author Bonnie Cuzzolino for her insight and love when creating this heartwarming book.
By Patricia Dischler, Author, "Because I Loved You: A Birthmother's View of Open Adoption."Letter of Love from China Overview

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