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One hundred times to China
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One hundred times to China ReviewThis book is a true masterpiece, riveting and moving, elegantly written, yet still somehow an easy read. It's the story of an average American family in the aftermath of the apocalyptic disintegration of the United States. The nature of the apocalypse is never really gone into, and it's quite beside the point.
The main characters are Arthur, his wife Marilyn, and their children David and Christopher, who leave their hometown in the hopes of a better and safer life in the mountains. Along the way, supporting characters of every description, from a wise and far-seeing grandfather to a selfless band of wanderers to sociopathic and self-serving militia leaders, move the story forward to its bittersweet and surprising conclusion.
The true story here is the resiliance of the human spirit even in a family of imperfect, flawed people and the bonds of love between its members that transcend hardship, sickness, and even death.One hundred times to China Overview

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