Shannon: A Chinatown Adventure (Girlhood Journeys) Review

Shannon: A Chinatown Adventure (Girlhood Journeys)
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Shannon: A Chinatown Adventure (Girlhood Journeys) ReviewI thought this book was very well written. Even though I'm a bit too old to be reading it I still enjoyed it. Shannon is an Irish immigrant that has just moved with her family to San Francisco in 1880. Although she misses her old home she soon makes some very good friends, one of them is a girl called Betsy. Shannon's father is a doctor so one day she goes with him to Chinatown so he can get some medical supplies at a Chinese shop that alsp sells pets. Shannon gets off to a bad start with the shopkeeper when she frees some birds in the shop without thinking first. At the shop Shannon sees a Chinese girl in a window who looks sad. This book is very enticing as Shannon and Betsy set out one night to help rescue Le Ming, (the Chinese girl). It turns out that Mr. Wong, the shopkeeper, is most likely part of a gang that sells children as slaves. When Shannon pretends that she has alerted the Constable, he leaves in a hurry. Since Le Ming has no where to go she stays with Shannon's family until there is a court case concerning the kidnapping gang. This is a wonderful book. I really enjoyed it. It's a nice book to read when you don't want to have to feel committed to a book for a long time. You should read it!
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