In China, My Name Is Review

In China, My Name Is
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In China, My Name Is ReviewThe concept of this book is great. Talking to Chinese people about their English names and why they chose them and what they chose them for is a great way to get an idea about a culture that is opening itself to the larger world around them. The short stories that are told are interesting and seeing a picture of the person that is relating their story is a great way to connect. The book itself has a nice clean design and the pictures are bright and enjoyable.
The problem I have with the book is that a lot of the stories are similar to each other and the book seems repetitive. It could have been edited down so that there wasn't as much of this and I think it would have helped the flow better. A lot of the stories were one sentence and not very interesting with the constant repetition.
As a window into a culture that is becoming more prevalent everyday, this is a great book. It only suffers from too long for what little bit it actually gives you.In China, My Name Is Overview

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