Operation China: From Strategy to Execution Review

Operation China: From Strategy to Execution
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Operation China: From Strategy to Execution ReviewThere are a plethora of business books on China. Unfortunately, many of these are hopelessly out-of-date with the reality on the ground today, due to the breathtaking rate of change in China. In the midst of this burgeoning development, OPERATION CHINA provides a clear and comprehensive view of the decade ahead.
As a China-based executive for a large multinational corporation, I know firsthand the complex challenges facing businesses in China today. This book, more than any other in my experience, cuts through the confusion with concise, level-headed guidance that really makes sense. You can tell that the authors have deep and broad experience in China. Their assertions are backed-up with solid research and real world examples from a broad range of companies in China today. The book covers all aspects of doing business in China, with a balanced perspective and a well-organized presentation.
Increasingly, China is setting the standard for global business success and all businesses wishing to be global players will need to understand the key messages that this book reveals. Companies must bring their global best practices to China - and then step it up a notch in a China context - to succeed in China, and beyond. As explained in this book, China is providing a rapid learning environment and those that can adapt and evolve in this environment will emerge with a global advantage. OPERATION CHINA gives specific actionable strategies for everything from product development, manufacturing, and distribution, to government relations, talent development and M&A. It provides a thoughtful roadmap for business success in China.Operation China: From Strategy to Execution Overview

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