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China Style ReviewThis is an enjoyable book introducing many different places -- mostly residential, but also some hotels and restaurants -- with a variety of Chinese designs.
The best part of the book is the photography by Michael Freeman. In most of the rooms he captures a feeling that it's lived in, a part of someone's daily life. Some books I own on Asian design don't have this quality: the rooms either appear too staged or the photographer gives them a sterile feeling. I could recommend this book on the photos alone.
The text is not quite up to standards of the photos, but it's acceptable. The author, Sharon Leece, obviously knows her subject, but she often lapses into blurb-style. For example, she writes on one house: "The words colourful, extravagent, and opulent can hardly begin to describe the palatial home of Contrasts Gallery owner Pearl Lam."
Another fun aspect of this book is that the places it showcases aren't just the homes of wealthy individuals. You see not only the more than 13,000 square foot Manhattan apartment of Chinese antiquities dealer Robert Hatfield Ellsworth, with its numerous expensive Chinese antiques, but you also get to see how some people with obviously much smaller budgets still managed to design their home with a unique Chinese flavor.China Style Overview

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