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Msg: Memoirs From China
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Msg: Memoirs From China ReviewWith a wry sense of humor, Ms Kindred's diary of six months in Lin'an and Shanghai with brief side trips to Nanjing, Beijing, Harbin, Guilin and a few other stops quickly becomes very predictable. From a student's/part-time freelance English teacher's perspective, I often wondered how much was filtered through an alcholic haze. That's not to say her observations aren't true, they just pour out without any insight or with feable attempts at balanced viewpoints. Many people come to China with a sense of awe and wonder. The reality, however can be quite different and many foreigners simply reject all that is different ftom their cozy world back home. What you read in this published version of Ms. Kindred's blog can be found in several China-based forums and you'll save yourself some money.Msg: Memoirs From China Overview

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