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China, Portrait of a Country
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China, Portrait of a Country ReviewLiu Heung Shing was "Time's" first photojournalist based in Beijing starting in 1976. He has since worked for the Associated Press in Beijing, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Seoul, and Moscow. Liu won a Pulitzer for his photographs of Russia. Here he features photographers whose work is not well-known in the West.
"The book is meant to be a visual chronicle of the People's Republic since 1949. To lay out the chapters as I have done, the transport of time and events could also let the readers appreciate the gradual changes, the clothing, and the body language of the people in their daily lives."
The images are the story here, of course -- Longitude Travel called it one of the best travel books of the year with "stunning photographs" -- but the commentary is also useful. For example, in a photo by Qiu Yan in 2004 entitled "Children practicing gymnastics at a special school for athletes in Hubei province."
Chinese people also have their own "never again" determination of not letting the country reverse back to the periods preceding the Cultural Revolution and the period itself, which lasted nearly 10 years. The tumultuous events for the Chinese people have lasted almost 30 years from the establishment of the new republic.
Stunning photographs, indeed, well presented and printed.
Robert C. Ross 2009China, Portrait of a Country Overview

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