China: People Place Culture History Review

China: People Place Culture History
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China: People Place Culture History ReviewI will summarize the reactions and comments from 3 different generations with different experiences.
1. Our parents' generation who live in China but visit US occasionally - This book has a different perspective about China. It is not how we view it, but it also strikes a cord with us because it combined something old and something new, or in another word, a new perspective on both new and old things.
2. Our generation who lived in China until college years and then lived in the US afterwards - Great introductory book of China. It is simple and it is mostly from a Westerner's perspective in terms of how the history, architecture and cultures are described - a very good one indeed. It is certainly missing a lot of information, especially about the culture and the ways of life in the northern part of China where tradionationally held a stronger influence in the country. But we also agree that this book is an effective introduction.
3. The kids who are born in the US and managed a visit or two to China - Curious. Tell me more. Is that really how you lived, Mom and Dad?
So overall, it is a wonderful book to read and many great photos to look at.
As much as it feels complete, it is only a simple slice of China and you can only take one slice at a time.
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