Typhoon and Other Tales Review

Typhoon and Other Tales
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Typhoon and Other Tales Review
Conrad was one of the most psychologically subtle of English novelists, and his century-old portrait of Captain McWhirr in the title story is unforgettable - not so much because of the drama, though there's eventually plenty of that, but because of Conrad's unsurpassed ability to describe complex, perfectly convincing characters you've never read about before. McWhirr is a strange mixture of meticulousness and stupidity, shyness and guts, small-mindedness and fair play. By the end of the story, you still think he's very much a fool and probably incompetent to command a sailing vessel. Yet you can't discount his determination and ability to do exactly what's needed (as well as what's right)when the time for action arrives.
Those whose reading skills are pushed to the limit by celebrity bios won't understand or appreciate this book. Despite the one-star reviews below, there are no "gay" characters here, and no sex at all. So if that's what you want, look elsewhere. But if you're up to a classic of English fiction, written with an enormous sensitivity to language (Conrad, BTW, grew up speaking Polish and only began English in his teens) these stories will stick with you.Typhoon and Other Tales Overview

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