The Last Fruit Stand on Guam Review

The Last Fruit Stand on Guam
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The Last Fruit Stand on Guam ReviewI read Alaska Be Damned by this author and enjoyed it so much I decided to read several more of his books. The author uses the word zany to describe his characters. What an understatement! I chuckled so many times through this romantic comedy my sides ached. A lot goes on in this BIG book. The author has the uncanny ability to create humorous scenes while describing catastrophic events such as a typhoon, tsunami, and pestilence. This is definitely an adult novel full of bawdy humor. Enjoyed the heck out of it. I have been a big Clive Cussler fan and wasn't disappointed by Alaska Be Damned. I wish I could give it six stars I'm gonna read more of this guy.
CWThe Last Fruit Stand on Guam OverviewA bawdy romantic comedy set on Guam in the late 1980's. Dark humor, Zany characters, and the forces of mother nature collide to expose the true nature of humans. 120,000 words. Rated "R"

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