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Back to World War II
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Back to World War II ReviewThis is a great short story. I got very into it and completely forgot about dinner on the stove (fortunately I had set a timer, so I didn't burn down my house). It's a sci/fi story with a great basis in history that will remind everyone of stories they've heard from their parents/grandparents about World War Two.Back to World War II OverviewThis is a fictionalized version of my late father's World War Two memoirs. It begins in the twenty-fifth century when a mischievous young woman inadvertenly travels back in time with her 'toys' of the future.My dad served as a major in an army medical unit in the jungles of New Guinea. Memorable parts of the experience included his trip over on the luxury liner S. S. Lurline through a major storm with eighty foot waves, as well as encounters with cannibals who had never seen white men, sailing the yacht of the Prime Minister of Australia, and several sightings of General MacArthur.On one occasion, he had to cancel joining eighteen friends on a plane ride over the New Guinea interior due to performing an emergency appendectomy. The plane never returned, but was eventually found deep in the jungle in 1983 with the eighteen skeletons still on board.Another time he met an elderly-looking cannibal woman in her mid-thirties. She was considered by her tribe to be too old to be useful and was scheduled to be their meal that night. She seemed fine with it and smiled for a photo.The story begins in the future with a young woman traveling back into the past with several futuristic 'toys'. Please read the tale to find out what happens. I believe you will find it worthwhile.Some of my other stories available on the Kindle are:Just Rewards is a tale in the mid-sixties of bank robberies, ransoms and revenge.About Sam - a fast-paced story of a housewife who secretly is an agent for Homeland Security.Polar Opposites - Two women meet while each is masquerading as someone else. Should they be best of friends or worst of enemies? Interesting plot twists along the way in this engaging tale.Lost in Space-Time - If you like sci-fi, this one is based on things that could be true, with romance and adventure. The Sinclair Affair - A young orphan woman survives an assassination attempt to discover she may have a twin. She ventures off to the big city to find her, having many adventures along the way. Pirate Queen of the Caribbean - A young woman evolves from an innocent spa-girl into an evil, bi-sexual Pirate Queen.See for more information.

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