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Perdido Street Station
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Perdido Street Station ReviewMy first reaction after reading Perdido Street Station is what a shame it would be to try to classify this book as fantasy, science fiction, steam-punk or horror. These categories seem too limiting for a book that breaks the boundaries of each. Mr. Mieville calls it "weird fiction", a throwback term to those pulp novel days when some of the greats like Lovecraft and Howard were penning their strange tales. Meiville fits in well with this crew, only with the modern edge you would expect from a writer in the digital age.
Call it whatever you want, its a ride you won't quickly forget. Mieville creates a world, so detailed from the sewers to tops of the the city government, that you are transported to a place that seems both foreign and familiar at the same time. There is a clear sense of caste, characters whose station in life is as complicated as the problem at hand (I won't spoil it). War, poverty, corruption, racism and all topics thrown into the mix; and while the social commentary is evident, it's easily digestible with the fantastic elements, unusual characters, and face-paced action.
It is the first of three books, but feels solid as a standalone novel, so no fear of falling into a cliffhanger and committing you to the series (although after reading this, you will rush to buy The Scar).
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