Energy: China's Choke Point Review

Energy: China's Choke Point
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Energy: China's Choke Point ReviewThis is both a history of China since the 1949 takeover by the Communist Party of China(CCP) and an analysis of China's energy picture. We learn about the brutal land reforms of the Mao era, as well as the hukou system which separates the people into rural and city categories.
The struggles of collectivization, the Great Leap Forward, people's communes and canteen, and finally the horrors of the Cultural Revolution when intellectuals are forced into farm labor and worse. The death of Mao and the arrest of the Gang of Four brought Deng Xiaoping to power, and for the next 20 years he would bring China into the modern era.
Deng introduced the four Modernizations - industry, agriculture, science, and military. He fostered competition and instituted merit based college entrance, setting the stage for China's unprecedented economic growth. This growth has brought a voracious demand for energy which is largely met with China's substantial coal supplies, and the environmental problems which result.
China's energy picture is covered in detail with discussion of issues like nuclear energy and the electrification of transportation. The book is a must read for anyone interested in China, our rival for world leadership.
The author's recent perceptive analysis of China's approach at the upcoming Copenhagen climate conference reflects their extensive knowledge of that huge country. You can find the article on the Energy Tribune web site.
REW, professional member, Geological Society of America.Energy: China's Choke Point Overview

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