Bio-Based Polymers and Composites Review

Bio-Based Polymers and Composites
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Bio-Based Polymers and Composites ReviewThis is quite possibly the best-written technical book that I have ever read. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in "sustainability" issues or use of renewable materials. This book describes the growing use of plant-based chemical feed-stocks and materials although there is also a chapter on the use of feather (chicken, turkey etc) reinforcement. The authors selected the material very nicely so that the subjects covered have a nice flow. Topics move from industrial-type separations processes to chemical modifications of oils, to blending materials to get desired properties, through to manufacturing and current products. There is also discussion and data comparing materials properties based on source and processing. Throughout the book never loses its "readability" or interest. I started the book with a lot of interest in the subject and finished it with even more interest in the subject, and that does not always happen. I have read other books in subjects that are of interest to me and yet lost interest in the book itself and thereafter used the book merely as a reference source. This book is one I quickly decided I would read from cover to cover. It does assume basic familiarity with chemical terminology and some technical background but I think anyone with a bachelor level background in chemistry or chemical engineering or some materials-related field will have no difficulty with the treatment of the subject matter. Modern industry is highly dependent on non-renewable resources, and the polymer industry specifically is largely dependent on petroleum-based feedstocks. I think every materials educator, researcher, formulator or manufacturer should start learning about bio-based materials since they are certain to become increasingly important to our economy, and I think this book is not only the first to deal with the subject, but even as other books become available, I believe this will remain the best for quite some time.Bio-Based Polymers and Composites Overview

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