Rhododendrons of China Review

Rhododendrons of China
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Rhododendrons of China ReviewThis book not only presents spectacular photographs of parts of rural China that are never seen but plants that are now part of a reserve. The reserve area was negotiated by the Chinese Government , the American Rhododendron Society and Nature Conservancy. There are a total to date of 4 volumes of which this particular reference
is to the 2nd volume. Various libraries have all of them available
to look at but most of the volumes are no longer in print and are very hard to find. The area in which the rhododendrons are photographed is the natural home of most rhododendron species and the source for the genetic basis of all current hybrids. There are no other books that I am aware of that cover this topic with such wonderful pictures. The text is usually in English with the exception of the very first one. Other texts by various members of the Cox family, 3 generations, provide detailed descriptions and photos of the plants their parts but rarely the scenery.Rhododendrons of China Overview

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