Doing Fieldwork in China Review

Doing Fieldwork in China
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Doing Fieldwork in China ReviewDoing fieldwork in China (the title of the book) is a rather daunting prospect. Whether it is the cultural differences, the language gap, or the politically sensitive nature of doing most types of research, it can easily feel like one can't possibly get done any meaningful work.
This book is a helpful reminder that (1) most China researchers have had similar experiences and (2) good work still gets done. while certainly not the best buy for the casual reader, for anyone who does research in China - or who has ever had to navigate, or will navigate, the tricky cultural and political milieu China presents - this book is a very helpful read. While it will not answer specific questions (if anything, it is a good reminder that the first lesson in studying in China is to be on your toes) it does give helpful insights into how to adapt research questions in the field, how to handle the language gap, and a whole host of questions. Each chapter is written by an experienced researcher. Again, though the audience is rather narrow, the book is well worth the read.Doing Fieldwork in China Overview

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