China Sea (Tales of the Modern Navy) Review

China Sea (Tales of the Modern Navy)
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China Sea (Tales of the Modern Navy) ReviewDavid Poyer is a master story teller and in China Sea he continues his saga of Dan Lenson in much the same fashion as C.S. Forester with his Hornblower series and Patrick O'Brian and his Jack Aubrey works but with a modern twist. His storm scene descriptions are real and to this sailor who has sailed through several typhoons in small naval vessels as well as his own small sailboat, the power of the sea comes crashing through. For ten years my wife and sailed the waters of the South China Sea, the Sulu Sea and the western Pacific. The attacks by pirates are real, we having been through two ourselves and have had friends and acquaintences injured and killed, their possessions stolen, boats stripped or sunk. Poyer describes the village life in the Philippines as it is today on the some 1700 inhabited islands of that archepelago, islands so remote the people draw their water from wells or are forced to get it by banca from a larger island; where electricity is unknown or is supplied by a small generator. The tension of a small, nearly mutinous crew and the doubts and uncertainties of Dan Lenson learning command leadership is brilliantly laid out. I can't wait for Poyer's next story of the greening of LCDR Dan Lenson.China Sea (Tales of the Modern Navy) Overview

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