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Broken China
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Broken China ReviewAges 14 and up. From the author of When Kambia Elaine Flew in From Neptune, Lori Aurelia Williams brings a novel dealing with a young mother's struggles and much more. China is 14 balancing going to school full time just barely hanging on and trying to raise her 2 year old daughter almost single handedly, until death is brought upon the family. China is forced to find a job that will require her to make lots of money to make ends meet. Unfortunately, her only option is Obsidian Queens, the local gentlemen's club, which is the only job they will allow a 14 year old high school dropout and that will pay big. Thus, begins her journey down a path filled with detours along the way. Will she break free from her trailing problems or will she collide head on with them?
Complete with lessons on courage, determination, youth, love, and motherhood, Ms. Williams captures China as a person every mother or daughter can relate to. Broken China is for everyone that knows a mother's love has no boundaries, a theory China proves time and time again. This tear jerking novel is sure to touch a place in the hearts of all who believe courage can mend a broken heart.Broken China Overview

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