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Big Bird in China
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Big Bird in China ReviewThis book is vey much the same as my dvd, but it has more pictures that I do not remember seeing in the dvd. I was hoping that the words for the song where Xiao Foo ( Little Lotus) teaches Big Bird how to say Big Bird, Hello, Little Lotus, good-bye and I love you. Instead of the song, Xiao Foo brings Big Bird & Barkley home to ask her mother if she can help them find the Phoneix. This is where you have the same words both in Chinese and English and is very nice. It helps tie the dvd together and would have been nice if they included it in the video. And in the book big Bird does not come across as such a whiner... I guess I must be getting old if I notice this.
Since Sesame Street has released Big Bird in China to dvd, maybe they will re-release this book! It would be really nice to have also with the video!!!Big Bird in China Overview

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