Great Wall of China (Places of Old) Review

Great Wall of China (Places of Old)
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Great Wall of China (Places of Old) ReviewThis is a great book for struggling elementary school readers (it's definitely not for 9 - 12 year olds; I'd say more like 6-8 year olds). It has a large, clear font, and only a small amount of text per page. For example, the first two pages have a panoramic view of the wall, and the text, "The Great Wall of China is a long, stone wall. It is in China. It is about 4,000 miles (6,440 km) long! Some parts of it are 26 feet high." The next page reads, "Qin Shi Huang (chin sure hwong) was the first emperor of China. He had workers start building the Great Wall about 2,200 years ago. But most of that wall fell apart. About 400 years ago, people called the Ming built the wall people see today." The photography is wonderful, and the book includes a short glossary and an index, if you're teaching features of non-fiction texts. Why only four stars? The information presented in the text and in the photos and their captions is slightly disorganized; for example, Qin Shi Huang is mentioned on the third page of the text (the pages aren't numbered), but photos of his terra cotta warriors appear on page 10, facing text that talks about the Ming. Still, given that it's difficult to find books about other countries that 'work' for struggling readers, I'd definitely recommend this book to add to classroom or school libraries.Great Wall of China (Places of Old) Overview

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