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Erotic Art of China
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Erotic Art of China ReviewThis book collects over fifty erotic images from the time of China's Ming dynasty. Although stylistically similar, they cover many moments between man and woman (or man and women, or woman and herself, ...). Some images depict the initial pursuit, but most depict sexual activity of one kind or another. In addition to their innate charm, these pictures also present cultural differences that I find appealing. Rendering of figures is much less literal than in Western art, and less dramatic than in Japanese shunga. Male and female figures differ little, except in hair styles, genitals, and the women's bound feet. Compared to Western exaggerations of figure, it leaves an impression that I enjoy, but can't put into words.
A poem, either a classic in translation or a modern work in classic style, accompanies each image. I did not find that these added much - the oblique references and loose relationship to the imagery just didn't grab me. Likewise, Franzblau's Freudian analysis contributed little, at least to my ear, and offered nearly no cultural or artistic insight. Fortunately, the pictures stand well on their own. They're all large, with color printing better than I expected from 1977 printing.
With only 53 pictures, and those not quite to modern standards of color printing, this won't be the centerpiece of any collection. Still, the imagery carries a friendly, consensual tone and an exotic atmosphere. Take a look - you might like it.
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