Theories of the arts in China Review

Theories of the arts in China
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Theories of the arts in China ReviewThis book was published in 1983 by Princeton University Press. There is only one edition and one printing. This book has never been revised or reprinted. Cloth Hardcover with pictorial dust-jacket. 447 pages, including many pictorial plates. Recently there are some book sellers misleadingly (and intentionally, I assume) listing their so called "reprint of the original" at this ISBN on Amazon for sale. (Sellers may use some other more creative names, but they will not say "1983 edition".) Please be warned these "reprints of the original" are not real books, they are photocopied pages, rebound Kinko's-Copy-Shop Style. These so called "reprints of the original" are of horrendous print quality and binding quality, with all the pictorial plates totally messed-up. One some of the pages, you can even see the underlining and highlighting on the original copy which are faithfully reproduced in this "reprint of the original". (People making those photocopies didn't even bother to find a clean original copy.) They are worse than a Professor's pre-publishing draft you have seen or used in a typical univeristy. I bought one such copy without knowing it was a photocopied stuff. (Most buyers would not know because those sneaky sellers don't want to tell you this is the case.) I returned it back to the seller and used credit card charge-back. You should do the same and teach those sneaky sellers a lesson.Theories of the arts in China Overview

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