Runner, The: A China Thriller (China Thrillers) Review

Runner, The: A China Thriller (China Thrillers)
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Runner, The: A China Thriller (China Thrillers) ReviewThe story opens with members of the Chinese Olympic swimming team cycling to practice through the winter cold. We don't just read about that cold, we feel it to the bone. When the get to the pool we smell the chlorine, we sense their excitement, tomorrow they are going to swim against the Americans. Then to their horror they see their best swimmer hanging by the neck from the high dive, apparently a suicide. This is followed by another apparent suicide, a weightlifter dies in the arms of his mistress.
Why are Olympic athletes killing themselves? This is the question that Li Yan, back in China with his now pregnant American mistress, pathologist Margaret Campbell must answer. Though their relationship is frowned upon by the Chinese authorities, they need Margaret's skills, they need Li as well. But even as they need them, the authorities cannot understand why one of their own would want to marry a foreigner and this aspect of Chinese culture is as much a part of this wonderful story as is the investigation into doping, Triads and corruption that grab the reader by her eyeballs and keep her fingers blistering through the pages as this book races to a pulse-stopping ending that you'll never forget.Runner, The: A China Thriller (China Thrillers) Overview

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