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China Journal ReviewThis book presents a brief, but thorough documentation of a group of American journalists' tour of Chou En-lai's China shortly after President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger managed to open the door to the communist society. The tour included all the prearranged stops that one would expect such as a school and a hospital with a chapter devoted to each stop. Author Emmett Dedmon coordinated his commentary with the color photographs of his colleague, Charles Bennett. The book provides many insights into China of that time which are likely not obtainable by other means. The crowning chapter is the one to one interview of Chou En-lai by Dedmon and his analysis of the personality of the Chinese leader whose photograph is on the back cover of the dust jacket. This book is great background information on the simpler China which existed just before the export manufacturing zones were established. It is important reading for anyone with interests in Asian society and the recent ascent of Chinese economic power.China Journal Overview

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