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Child Soldier
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Child Soldier ReviewChild Soldier
By: China Keitetsi
This novel is a biography about the life of a girl who was forced into the fierce fighting of a rebel army. China was a former child soldier who escaped from the brutality of her senior officers. China clearly wrote this novel as a form of self-therapy and as a way to help us get a sense of what life is like as a child soldier in Uganda. This novel is worth the read because everyone should be aware of the problems that these kids are facing everyday. Even though there are some grammar problems and lack of detail in some cases, it still tells a great story that everyone should hear. It also portrays many great themes of hardship, determination, and poverty. Also, it references to larger issues. Such as, the world has limited resources and as a result there will be conflict. On page 120, it shows how the army is low on ammo and supplies. "We collected the weapons and food that we could carry..."(120) I would recommend this novel because it tells a great story. Even though the author makes a few grammatical errors it is still a good read. Also, the first couple chapters are very repetitive but stay with it gets more interesting. Therefore, I would recommend this novel however, it is not a 5 star novel.
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