Wormwood (China Bayles Mystery) Review

Wormwood  (China Bayles Mystery)
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Wormwood (China Bayles Mystery) ReviewChina Bayles has been through some difficult times, so her friends and family urge her get a change of scene by accepting the invitation of her friend Martha to go to Mr. Zion, a Shaker village in Kentucky, where she would help to lead some classes on herbs. When she arrives, she discovers that there are disagreements among the staff about the future of the village and there are also some financial concerns. China becomes embroiled in these current problems, but also does her share of research into customs of the Shakers when they actually lived in the village in the early 1900's.
In my opinion, this is one of the best books of this series. The background information on the Shakers is fascinating, and author Susan Wittig Albert does a masterful job of weaving the current-day story of Mt. Zion with the story of Martha's Aunt Charity who was living in the village in 1912.Wormwood (China Bayles Mystery) Overview

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