Triads, The (Kegan Paul China Library) Review

Triads, The (Kegan Paul China Library)
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Triads, The (Kegan Paul China Library) ReviewWard was typical (in some ways, very unusual in others) as a British officer, serving in a number of locations. As most foreign service types, he was a mason, and later served as an Orthodox bishop (in a very unorthodox chain). He finished his life in Cyprus, where he had fled following allegations of sexual impropriety.
Very little of that is reflected in this book, other than his intense interest in the local mystery religions. He was able to participate as a visiting dignitary and to witness the triads from inside and then, after they were made illegal in Hong Kong, from the outside. His three volume set is detailed and the only one of its kind.
It is important to realize that this, and the three hundred dollar volume set [Hung Society or the Society of Heaven and Earth (Paperback)~ J. S. M. Ward (Author), W. G. Stirling (Author)] are the same books. Ward did not magically come back to life for the other volumes.
If you've ever wondered about the background, myths, rituals and history of the Tongs, the Triads or the Shaolin monks, this volume discusses where they came together and the heart of the gestalt that formed them.Triads, The (Kegan Paul China Library) Overview

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