Tom: Echoes from Old China Review

Tom: Echoes from Old China
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Tom: Echoes from Old China ReviewExcellent Book re: The Chinese traditions, culture, values, philosophy, and its' people. It also,takes you from the past to how these traditions/cultures are implemented in one's daily life, esp. an individual who has a Chinese background. The book also gives an awareness to individuals who would like to learn some historical background and legends about the Chinese. Of course, the best would be a trip to China to see and experience the beautiful landscape, its' people, the culture, traditions, the food, and to visit some of its' historical sites (the Great Wall, Xian:Terra-Cotta Warriors or cruise the Yangtze River). In addition, to hear the amazing stories that the tour guides share and mingle with the people is a learning experience!! The people are very humble and friendly. Also, the shopping is great!!!Tom: Echoes from Old China Overview

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