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Pacific Coast Ship China
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Pacific Coast Ship China ReviewShipboard travel of any distance usually involved a voyage of several to many days. And on those days the passengers had to be fed. In the heyday of travel, say from the mid 1800 until the airlines took over passenger travel in the mid 1900's passengers enjoyed a sit down dinner served with china marked by the shipping company.
Until now this has been a neglected area of study. This book is the first I've found on china used on board. It is a fairly all encompassing book, it has:
o coverage of some 280 china patterns including hundreds of color photographs
o a short description of some 75 companies that provided passenger travel in the Pacific
o identification of some two dozen US Navy china patterns
o listings of the major china manufacturers, often identifying their customers.
As a first volume on the subject, this is an excellent effort and will probably become the standard reference work on the subject.Pacific Coast Ship China Overview

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