Business Decision Making in China Review

Business Decision Making in China
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Business Decision Making in China ReviewThis book is a uniquely entertaining explanation of the Chinese thought processes as applied to business decision making. There are numerous examples drawn from Chinese historical military and philosophical references with the lessons applied to today's modern business and political world. The authors' approach educates the reader as to the historical, cultural, governmental, and educational background factors that have created the thought processes of today's Chinese government and business leaders. Of importance are the nuances of conducting business or political negotiations. Comparisons are made to corresponding western thought processes. Additional background material includes diagrams and explanations of organizational structures of manufacturing, service, and government organizations. For anyone doing business in China or with Chinese organizations, this is an excellent source background text.
Chapter headings are:
1. The Structures of Manufacturing Organizations
2. The Structures of Service Organizations
3. The Structures of Government Organizations
4. The Processes of Decision Making
5. Characteristics of Decision Making
6. Tactics of Decision Making
7. Traditional Culture
8. Modes of Thinking
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