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The China Bride
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The China Bride ReviewMary Jo Putney reigns supreme as the Queen of Romance! The China Bride contains all the elements that have made Putney soooooo popular. Troth is a beautiful, strong, proud heroine and Kyle is an amazingly sensitive, handsome hero, who just needs to be shown the true path to love. Troth is half Scottish, half Chinese and therefore a non-person in Chinese society. But the ways of China are dear to her because of her Chinese mother and the fact that she's grown up there. She also loved her big, brawny red-headed Scottish father, Hugh Montgomery, so her dream is to travel to Scotland and meet her other relatives. She has no idea if they will accept her or not. Kyle Renbourne is the twin brother of Domenic, who was the hero in Putney's recent novel The Wild Child. In fact, Domenic and Meriel are seen again in this book but it's really Troth and Kyle's story. The China Bride is a fabulous adventure with heartstopping suspense, tears (mine!) and the anguish of separation and rejection as well as a satisfying, book-hugging ending that Putney is famous for. Bravo! Mary Jo - you are the undisputed Queen of Romance Novels!The China Bride Overview

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