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China Express ReviewI want this book. I ordered another Nina Simonds book from the Library and they sent this one instead. I have been doing Asian Cooking (Chinese,Thai,Japanese, etc.) for many years. I have also taken many Chinese and Thai cooking classes and run a cooking school out of my home.
This is one of the best Chinese cookbooks that I have come across. I made BBQ spareribs last night that are better than you find in most restaurants. It took 5 minutes to make the sauce. Preparation was very quick and easy. Recipes are clear and well written. The ingredients can be found in any supermarket.
In her introduction Ms. Simonds states that she wrote this book after becoming a working Mom. This book is perfect for people who do not have the time to go to an Asian market to shop--you will find most, if not all, the ingredients that you need in a good supermarket. It is also perfect for someone who wants to come home and have dinner on the table within an hour. You may want to marinate something overnight; but you do not have to do a lot of preparation to make these dishes. Her section on substitutions in the front is also invaluable.
My one criticism is that she uses turkey (a non-traditional Chinese food) in so many recipes. I would use chicken or pork or ground pork instead. However, for someone on a low fat diet the turkey might be another plus. Other than that this book is great.China Express Overview

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