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China Toothpick Holders
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China Toothpick Holders ReviewThe main era of toothpick holders in the U.S.A. was from about 1885 to 1910,
although many continued to be manufactured or imported into the 1930's and 1940's.
many GLASS toothpicks were produced here in the U.S.A.
but the vast majority of CHINA toothpicks were imported.
For that reason this book covers toothpicks from:
Austria, Bavaria, Czechoslovalia, England, France, Germany, Japan (Nippon),
Prussia, and the United States from the late Victorian period through the 1930's.
The values given here were arrived at by consulting collectors and dealers,
and the current selling prices on the Internet at the time of this edition, released in 2004.
'China Toothpick Holders' is the first and only book that is focused only on 'china' toothpicks.
The first ten pages are an informative and interesting read.
They include the subjects of: 'Introduction', 'How to use this reference',
'History of toothpick holders' (of which the above info is taken from),
'Manufacturing china toothpick holders',
'Collecting china toothpick holders', and 'About prices'.
The book contains over 600 EXCELLENT colored photographs with-in this 176 page book.
The authors Judy Knauer and Sandra Raymond had both been collecting toothpicks
for over three decades when this book was released in 2004.
Judy Knauer has been collecting since the age of ten when her Great Aunt Berta
gave her several ruby stained toothpick holders.
In 1973 she founded the National Toothpick Holder Collectors Society.
Page 13 lists 12 characteristic's of how to determine if a particular item is a toothpick.
This list is a valuable tool that I wish I would have known before I purchased
some of the 'toothpicks'? I now have in my collection, that aren't toothpicks after all.
Here are two of the 12 guidelines mentioned, note that there ARE exceptions
to these guidelines in both glass and china toothpicks.
'if it has a pour spout and handle, it is probably a pitcher or creamer'
'if it has a single handle, it is probably a cup, no matter how ornate'
The two page glossary contains 50 definitions of commonly used terms
from what is a 'backstamp' to an 'underglaze'.
This reference is very informative and great resource.
This is a must have book for all china toothpick collectors.
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