A Thousand Peaks : Poems from China Review

A Thousand Peaks : Poems from China
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A Thousand Peaks : Poems from China ReviewAlthough A Thousand Peaks: Poems From China is the size of a standard children's picturebook, do not be deceived; its haunting, lyrical poems are intended to delight and fascinate poetry lovers of all ages. Striking, full-color illustrations intersperse the historical poems. Each poem comes with a few paragraphs of commentary regarding what is known about the poet and the historical events affecting the poem. What truly sets A Thousand Peaks apart, however, is that the poems themselves are offered in bilingual format: their original Chinese characters, the romanized version of the Chinese words, a very strictly literal translation, and the modern poetic translation that attempts to properly ascribe nuances. Poetry devotees can compare translations and interpret the true meaning, heart, and soul of each poem for themselves. Storm At Lakeview Tower: Splattering mountains, ink-black clouds sweep by./Bouncing on boats, pearl white raindrops fly./Rolling around the earth, wind scattered clouds/until, under Lakeview Tower, water is sky. (Su Shi, 1036-1101, Song dynasty).A Thousand Peaks : Poems from China Overview

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