The Goon: Chinatown (Goon (Unnumbered)) Review

The Goon: Chinatown (Goon (Unnumbered))
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The Goon: Chinatown (Goon (Unnumbered)) ReviewThe Goon's past is explored in this book focusing on his first love, Isabella, and how it changed him. In the present, he's sorting out his relationship with a nightclub singer, Mirna, while battling a mysterious new enemy called "Mr Wicker".
The book seeks to add depth to the character of the Goon and give him a more fleshed-out personality to explain his emotional distance. Powell not only handles Goon's relationship with Isabella perfectly with just the right amount of subtlety but also adds resonance to Goon's relationship with Franky.
Powell's artwork has also never been better. Beautifully painted images on nearly every page leap out at you and make you pause and look closer.
This is the best Goon book Powell's produced yet as he goes for a more sober tone to his usually funny approach to storytelling. The more thoughtful treatment works brilliantly in this book and it's easy to see why it won two Eisner Awards in 2008. Great stuff.The Goon: Chinatown (Goon (Unnumbered)) Overview

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