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China Homecoming
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China Homecoming ReviewI always wondered what happened to Jean.
This is the continuation of Jean's first novel, Homesick: My Own Story. She was born in China. Her American parents were over there working for the YMCA, and Jean lived there, in all its political turmoil and unrest, until she was 12. Both books are extremely fascinating.
China Homecoming is about her return to China as a 68 year-old woman. She's rediscovering the China she'd left behind so many years ago, and also rediscovering parts of herself. They're pretty much Young Adult non-fiction, but I highly, highly recommend these two books. Oh, they're so, so good, I read Homesick over and over again as a child AND as an adult, so I was absolutely THRILLED to find that she'd written another book.
China Homecoming has a lot to do with Chinese history and I really think it's more interesting to adults. I wouldn't have been as interested in this book as a child, simply because I wasn't as into history as I am now. But really, no one should read the first and then NOT read the second. Both of them are a must, Fritz is a wonderful storyteller.China Homecoming Overview

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