Art and China's Revolution (Asia Society) Review

Art and China's Revolution (Asia Society)
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Art and China's Revolution (Asia Society) ReviewCHINA: population over 1.3 billion (yep thats with a B), a global economic powerhouse. But can they paint?
What prompted my question was a recent 'Artnews' cover. A man with the map of China tattooed across his entire back.
We have always viewed art from our entrenched western perspective. And we wonder; does China posses equvalents too Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollack?
. . . . . Not on Mao Zedong's watch command!
The editiorial review presented by amazon is great. Let us add - This book elegantly balances historical & visual perspectives through the seemingly stagnant evolution of art during China's revolution. A period considered to be the most tumultuous in recent Chinese history. It takes an indepth look at the period between the 1950's & 1970's, focusing on the formation of a new visual culture.
This book accompanies an exhibit which realizes it's American audience's western ignorance and thus help to better their understanding in regards to this period in China's art history. How it ties together traditional ink painting and sets a reluctant springboard for a new post Mao art China.
Can they paint? You bet your sweet eggroll! A chilling photo (pg. 77) of ink master Pan Tianshou at work over a large canvas spread on the floor eerily reminds us of our dear Pollack dancing over his canvases. And that tattooed guy is in this book also. Proving this to be a wonderful book both in-depth yet easy to digest.
A great companion book would be 'New China, New Art' by VineArt and China's Revolution (Asia Society) Overview

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