China Paint and Overglaze Review

China Paint and Overglaze
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China Paint and Overglaze ReviewPaul REALLY knows his stuff. This is a great book covering so much territory, it's a mini history of an area of ceramics that has not been addressed in such a contemporary way. After years of research and work, he has created benchmark and a major reference, an example for others to use in this kind of research. It's a great resource not only for potters, but historians, china painters, antique dealers and collectors.
This is a luscious book and a generous one. Paul Lewing has written a very readable, comfortable narrative and the book is visually stunning. A huge amount of information is packed between the covers. He holds nothing back, giving everything he knows and he knows a lot. He not only is tackles the subject full-on from the origins and progression of china decoration through time and cultures, there's a complete data dump of technical aspects; tools, chemistry and technique.
The book is printed on heavy-duty slick (magazine-like) pages and is filled with beautiful color photographs. Makes ya want to run, RUN to your studio and start working! You may need two copies. One to keep pristine in your house and one to paw over in the studio!China Paint and Overglaze Overview

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