A Guide to the Mammals of China Review

A Guide to the Mammals of China
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A Guide to the Mammals of China ReviewThis is one of the best field guides I have ever seen. The plates (61 plates)are beautifully illustrated and very accurate. Even though it will be a few years before I visit China, I wanted to purchase this field guide to become familiar with their mammals and where to find them. Besides wonderful illustrations of the mammals, the text is filled with great information. Each species account is accompanied with a range map showing the distribution of that mammal. Under the mammal's name is included the Chinese script of the mammal and an English translation of what that script sounds like. This is an ingenious inclusion, because for travelers looking for specific mammals, they only need to point to the script and people can help them. The text also includes taxonomic keys to assist in identifying mammals that are closely related. About the only thing that I didn't like was the fact that it only comes in hardcover. This is a personal thing because all of my other field guides are paperback, which makes them lighter to carry while traveling. But even with the hardcover, this field guide is a wonderful resource and learning tool for the mammals of China.A Guide to the Mammals of China Overview

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